Todos contra Um

Posted: 25 abril 2010 by THADEU OLIVERA in Marcadores: , ,

from brazil: costa a costa, vingança, frattelli, catarro, calistoga, antiskieumorra, distro, ginasio pernambucano, nação corrompida, clamor

from world: 1000 travels of jawaharlal, against me!, bad brains, black flag, betercore, boom boom kid, capitalist casualties, catharsis, cinder, dead prez, detestation, direct control, ds-13, explosion in the sky, fun people, good clean fun, heresy, highscore, infest, jellyroll rockheads, limp wrist, makiladoras, millions of dead cops, napalm death, poison idea, promoe, rambo, red dons, regulations, scholastic deth, spazz, seein red, shikari, sin dios, ska-p, the observers, the smiths, the vicious, vitamin x, vivisick, what happens next...

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